Yeah, we do tree removal…yeah, we do tree pruning.

We love doing tree work, here at Treeincarnation. Our tree work is a little different, in fact everything about us is a bit different, we aren’t your average tree company. We aim to be genuine, to be fun, to be the best. here is a little bit of our secret sauce that helps us do just that!

#1 Make it happen - be outcome orientated  

As a high performance organisation, 'Make it happen' is about being aware of the outcome we are setting out to achieve, finding solutions and driving projects through to completion.

#2 Have fun  

Fulfilled employees create satisfied customers, happiness spreads, people can feel your fun. We live that.

#3 Take initiative, don't wait

A fast-paced environment calls for effective and independent thinking. Stagnancy is the fastest road to mediocrity - the standards you are prepared to ignore are the standards you're prepared to accept.

#4 Taking Responsibility for Personal Growth

It is expected that you develop and grow as an individual so you can continue to make a positive contribution to those around you. Alongside training, it is expected that you also use your own initiative to ensure you are actively seeking out ways to increase your skills, knowledge and expertise in your field.

#5 Be a team player, look out for your mates and maintain communication

The quality of your communication is determined by the response you receive - be certain you are doing everything you can to get along with, and being on the same page as, your colleagues. Accidents happen when communication is lost and assumptions are made.

#6 Leave it better than you found it  

“If you leave the area how you found it, you’re good. If the area looks better than they could have ever expected, you’re great” - We go for great. Every, single, time.

#7 always deliver on your promise.

Your word is your bond. If we promise to get something done for you, it will, in absolute certainty, be done.

#8 The owen wilson factor.

Yeah, that’s right, Owen Wilson, the actor, famous for his use of the word “woooooow”…we’ve named this value after him. Because, that is the very reaction we aim to illicit from our valued clients. We are chasing that jaw dropping moment, the exclaimed joy when they see just how incredible things look after positive change.