With over 100 golf courses across Melbourne and surrounding areas, the need for an expert arborist who understands what makes your course unique is higher than ever. ‘A well-designed golf course should not only be an experiential landscape that takes golfers on a golfing journey. It should also be a visually transformative landscape that takes your members away from their day to day, transporting them into another world.’

The tree landscape on your course plays a huge part in the layout, style and visual experience of a golf course. Trees frame fairways and greens, prevent balls from becoming dangerous missiles that fly off course into homes, and can also define the difficulty of a hole, forcing golfers to adapt their strategy throughout their game. All of these elements help to keep your course interesting and enjoyable to play – which keeps members coming back time and again.

As a grounds manager or course owner you should be asking yourself the following questions about the trees on your property:

  • When you stand at the clubhouse and look out over your course, what do you see? 

  • Do you see dead branches or unsightly trees? 

  • Do you see trees that crowd the course or inhibit play?

  • Is the landscape inviting and beautiful, or is it crowded and disorganised?

  • When driving into your course, are the trees that line the driveway shapely, beautiful and healthy, or in decline and on their way out? 

If you can see any problems with the trees on your course, if you think the treescape could be improved, or if you aren’t sure and would like an expert arborist to come to your course and give you a comprehensive outline on how your trees could be improved to better your players’ experiences, we can help. 


Some of the reasons our valued golf course clientele chose us includes: 

  • Tree shaping expertise…with a team of qualified arborists and horticulturists on hand, we can help you design your treescape to fit with the overall aesthetic of the course.

  • Annual course-wide Reporting…each year our valued golf course clients get a comprehensive course-wide report outlining which trees might represent signs of age, in addition to any other emerging problems for the course.  This allows them to get out in front of any issues before they occur - the last thing anyone would want is a dead branch falling onto a golfer. 

  • Sustainability…we take the trees we remove from your course and can turn them into beautiful timber furniture and products that can branded with your course logo to be used in the clubhouse, or given to members as gifts. 

  • Low impact equipment…we have outfitted our equipment to be golf course friendly, soft on the course and low impact on the surrounding environment to ensure that there are no remnants of our work…aside from great looking trees of course.

  • Dedicated Emergency Line…each of our golf course clients has a dedicated emergency line that is available to them 24/7. This means that if there is a big storm, or if any other tree-related problem occurs on your course, you can rest assured that there is a team ready to remove, prune or lop it for you right away, keeping your members happy and safe. 

If you would like to know more about how we can help you take the aesthetics and safety of your course to the next level, or if you’d like a complimentary golf course tree inspection analysis to be sure everything is in tip top shape, fill out your details in the form below or give us a call on 0478 896 636.

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