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on demand tree maintenance

Looks like a nightmare right? The photo above, unfortunately, is a nightmare we see all too regularly.

It’s a call that you never want to have to make to a landlord or a home owner…to let them know an investment worth millions has just been destroyed…by a tree!

That is why real estate firms partner with us for their tree removals, tree pruning, tree reporting and tree maintenance.

We not only help avoid this through monitoring and maintenance of your clients’ trees, we help fix it when it does happen.

If something ever does go wrong, you want to have us in your corner, showing the world that you were on top of your tree pruning, on top of your tree maintenance…that you were doing your job.

We work with a number of high end real estate firms in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, using our unique approach to customer service and our (almost too good to be true) responsiveness, to make life easier for real estate Managers and Salespeople.

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how can we help?

If you need any of the following at any of the properties you manage, we can help. 

Tree Removal

Tree Pruning 

Hedge Trimming and Shaping 

Stump Grinding 

Arborist Reports and Consulting 

Permit applications 

Root Impact Reports and Tree Inspection Assessments 

Why us? 

Our goal is to provide you with tree removal, pruning and maintenance experience that blows you away - unparalleled arborist services that extend to all of your properties.

Identifying and preventing any possible problems through tree maintenance, reporting and tree pruning.

Helping you solve all of your tree related problems quickly, consistently and easily. 

All of our staff are fully vetted. They hold working with children checks, and maintain clean police records.

To achieve that, here is our promise to you

  • Every email enquiry answered within an hour of it being received 6 days a week, followed by clear concise communication throughout every step of the process.

  • Consistent transparent pricing when it comes to all tree pruning, tree removals, tree reporting and tree maintenance.

  • Before and after photos of the tree removals or tree pruning, submitted on the same day as the tree works.

  • Free Council Permit Application advice. If you ever have a client who needs advice on what they can or can’t do with a tree, we are there. With an in depth knowledge of local laws and protections, we can help you navigate the tree removal and tree pruning process seamlessly.

  • A dedicated emergency line for you and your properties. When something goes wrong - a branch falls on a house, a tree falls on a car or even worse…a person, we are one easy call away. This number is answered 24/7, 365 days a year and we will get a team out there ASAP to get your tree problem solved.

  • ZERO DAMAGE GUARANTEE – Avoid unhappy landlords, unhappy tenants, and more importantly, avoid more work for yourself and free up your time to work on the most important things to you.

Every job we undertake comes with our unique ZERO DAMAGE GUARANTEE. 

We are so meticulous in our work, so careful in our execution, that we offer a zero-risk guarantee that nothing will be damaged or…

WE FIX IT and, not only that, THE JOB IS FREE!  


not a property manager, sell real estate?

we have something for you too.

We have found that quite often when buying properties, or thinking about buying properties, people understandably have some questions regarding the trees on the block.

Some we come across regularly include:

Can these trees be removed? Do I need a permit?

What is the likelihood of a tree removal permit being approved?

Is there much work involved in these trees moving forward?

Are the trees on the block safe and healthy?

We offer a service where we come out to your prospective property, and conduct an assessment on the trees, outlining what the trees are, the health of the trees and the likelihood of permit approval when it comes to tree removal.

We even outline the upkeep costs per annum when it comes to tree pruning and/or hedge maintenance.

Simply reach out to us on 0478 896 636 or fill in your details below and one of our experts will be in touch ASAP.