Stump removal is the process of grinding down the stump and surrounding roots that are left over after a tree’s removal. We do this using a machine with a large spinning disc that has powerful teeth on it (pictured above). The disc spins around super-fast and grinds the stump down into mulch. 


  • Aesthetics - Remaining stumps can be unsightly hunks of wood in your garden, especially as the stump begins to age and rot. 

  • Structural - Tree roots can cause structural damage to surrounding fences, houses and concrete driveways or footpaths. In order to remove the possibility of this happening, we recommend grinding the stump completely. Once the stump has been completely destroyed, all roots that were coming from the source will slowly die off, preventing any further damage. 

  • Gardening - Stumps and roots can cause problems when it comes to re-planting in that area of your garden. Roots can draw all the nutrients and moisture out of the soil and suffocate the other plants you are trying to grow. Our clients regularly get us to remove their stumps so that they can start from scratch, and be confident that their new garden will thrive. 

  • Hard landscaping - When it comes to digging holes for a new deck, or laying concrete for a new path, stumps and roots can cause problems that stop your landscapers or builders from working, causing you and your wallet a big headache. By getting your stump removed, you ensure that you don’t run into any such problems down the line. 

Getting your stump removed with Treeincarnation is a quick and easy process. We can access any area that has average door-sized access, and we can also get over steps or down steep slopes. 

Our team of qualified arborists always check for pipes and wires, and we always clean up after ourselves, leaving your property as we found it – minus the unwanted stump of course!  If you’d like us to replace the pebbles, mulch, or grass from the area, just ask - we can do that too. 

If you need a stump removed in Melbourne, or if you have any questions about stump removal, just fill in your details or give us a call on  0478 896 636.

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What will happen to the roots connected to the stump? 

Once the stump has been ground out, there will still be roots underground in the area near the stump. These are left over from the root system of the tree, do not be worried as this is normal. Once we have ground out the stump, the roots will begin to die and over time will be broken down into soil.  

What depth will you grind the stump? 

This varies from tree to tree, typically the stump will be completely killed at a depth of about 300mm which is our standard depth. 

how do you access the stump? 

We will need to go through a garage or side gate or path to get the machine to your stump, the machine is a petrol powered machine that can get dirty so we wouldn't want to take it though your house, any gate or pathway with a width of 800mm is wide enough for the machine to fit through.