Here at Treeincarnation, our tree work is a little different - in fact everything about us is a bit different, here’s why. We aim to be genuine, to be fun and to be the best.

Values: What makes us… us


Being the third most dangerous job in the country, it is imperative that practical assessments of risk are coupled with intuitive decisions moving forward to enable for everyone to be as safe as practicably possible at work.

People who best embody this value do not have to be reminded or prompted, it is automatic and is an attitude that is inherently aligned with who they are.

#2 Make it happen - be outcome orientated  

Make It Happen is about being relentlessly focused on the desired outcome whilst eliminating any likelihood of being distracted from the task at hand.

However, Make It Happen does not mean make it happen at all costs - one cannot be Making It Happen whilst having abandoned the other six values. This isn't to say that all of the other values have to be embodied at the same time, this is to say that by Making It Happen, it is about continually driving tasks and projects through to completion with grace, reliability and productivity.

#3 Be a team player

The quality of your communication is determined by the response you receive.

Accidents happen when communication is lost and assumptions are made.

Being A Team Player is about putting others before self for the purpose of more effectively working towards a common objective (hint.. such as a Vision!). One does not do better simply all on their own. We, collectively, are only as good as our weakest link and Team Players are those who continually go out of their way to lift others higher for the greater good.

#4 The owen wilson factor. Be WOW

Yep, that’s right, Owen Wilson (the actor): famous for his use of the word “woooooow”…we’ve named this value after him. Why, you ask? Because it is the very reaction we aim to illicit from our valued clients. We are chasing that jaw dropping moment, the exclaimed joy when they see just how incredible things look after positive change.

Being WOW is striving for excellence and going above and beyond in everything that you do. It is not limited to exceeding expectations for a top client, it extends to how you treat a disgruntled neighbour to how well you wear your uniform, and everything in-between.

#5 Have fun  

Otherwise.. what’s the point? We all need a sense of play and adventure in our lives to be fulfilled and those who exemplifies this are those who not only have fun themselves, but enables others to jump on the party bus too.

The greatest currency there is, is the effect we have on others.

#6 Take initiative, don't wait

A fast-paced environment calls for effective and independent thinking. Stagnancy is the fastest road to mediocrity - the standards you are prepared to ignore are the standards you're prepared to accept.

There is always a better way. The one who best lives this is an intuitive thinker and refuses to do things just because 'that's the way it's always been done'. This person understands the end goal in any given task and continually seeks to discover quicker and more efficient ways of getting it done.

#7 Have A Growth Approach

You’re either green and growing, or you’re ripe and rotting. Those who best embody this recognise that the better they do, the better everyone else does as well.

It's not necessarily limited to just one's technical skills at work, Having A Growth Approach is also about responding to unexpected hurdles in a functional and resourceful way. This person would typically ask "what could we learn from this" when things go pear shaped and thus best mitigate problems moving forward by learning from mistakes.

Striving towards becoming a better person is a noble pursuit and is one that requires constant attention. Because of this, those who best embody this value are those who are inherently aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and demonstrate regular progress toward becoming the best version of themselves.