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City councils in Victoria often require a permit to be issued before they will allow the removal of a Significant tree (the definition of a significant tree varies from council to council see our tree laws page for more info on individual Council by council tree size laws)

Applying for these council permits can be complicated, time consuming and downright confusing.

Doesn’t sound like much fun… because it’s not.

The good news is, we can help!

We’ve spent years liaising with councils around Melbourne, if you would like your permit application for a tree removal or in some councils tree pruning - submitted quickly, efficiently and correctly - leaving you with time to do the things you really enjoy, then our Done For You permit application service is what you need.

Prices vary based on the council you are located in - as each council has a different process, not only that, some councils just require permits for tree removal, whereas some councils require permits for tree removal and tree pruning.

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