It’s about more than just removing the tree, here’s a video with our valued client Steve, we helped him make his family safe by removing a dangerous old Gum Tree.  

Check out our lil promo showcasing a bit about what we do and why we do it!

Check out the boys at a tight access removal in Chadstone

Here we weight reduced a Flowering Gum Tree in Canterbury as it had long extended lateral branches that we deemed to be hazardous, all that was required was to reduce them by 10-25% using a qualified Arborist which minimised the wind resistance and made the whole tree a lot safer Tree Pruning Canterbury Tree Removal Canterbury Tree Cutting Canterbury Tree Lopping Canterbury Tree Services Canterbury Arborist's Canterbury

Check out a recent job we did where we removed a Gum tree in a confined space and salvaged the lumber, to later be made into planter boxes and gifted back to the customer. The timber will take between 9 to 12 months to reach a moisture content reading stable enough to be made into furniture and craft items.