Monash City Council Regulations for Pruning and Removing Trees

Prior to commencing any tree pruning or tree removal works at your residential or commercial property within the Monash region you should always check that you are following the relevant tree laws.

You will need to comply with these council tree laws if you are living  in the following suburbs Ashwood, Burwood (part), Chadstone, Clayton, Glen Waverley, Hughesdale, Huntingdale, Mount Waverley, Mulgrave, Notting Hill, Oakleigh, Oakleigh East, Oakleigh South (part) or Wheelers Hill.

Map of the suburbs located within Monash City Council.

Map of the suburbs located within Monash City Council.


Various species of Gum Tree are very popular around the Monash Council area, partiularly in the parkland areas, with the Yellow Gum (Eucalytpus Leucoxylon) and the Manna Gum (Eucalyptus Mannifera) being the trees we encounter often. More and more developments and apartments pop-up in this area often need stumps removed and professional tree pruning has increased in order to adapt to tighter land boundaries and a growing property base.

MONAsh city council tree pruning and removal laws.

Tree Removal and Pruning permit applications are only needed in Monash Council if your property is located within the Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO) to check if your property is located within the VPO click here.

If you are NOT located within the Monash VPO zone, then you do not need Council permission to prune or remove a tree.

If you ARE located within the Monash VPO zone then you will need to follow these regulations below:

A planning permit is required to remove a tree that:

  • Has a trunk circumference greater than 50cm, measured 1.2m above ground level

  • Is higher than 10m

When a planning permit is not required:

  • If the tree presents an immediate risk of personal injury or damage to property, and only that part of the tree that presents the immediate risk is removed

For dead trees or for the following species:

  • Willow Trees

  • Radiata or Monterey Pine Trees

  • Evergreen Alder Trees

  • Sweet Pittosporum Trees

  • Desert Ash Trees

*if you are unsure of your tree species, or if your tree is dead enough to qualify for no permit being necessary, fill in your details below or call speak to one of our arborists for specialist advice on 0478 896 636.

Violation of council regulations on tree pruning and removing can result in possible penalties such as fines, enforcement through VCAT, or prosecution through the Magistrates’ Court.


Monash council do not have any significant tree registers or protections on trees outside of the VPO zone. NEIGHBOURING TREES

Occasionally tree pruning or removal is required for trees that aren’t on your property. When a tree overhangs over your property line, but is not your tree, you are still required to conform to Monash councils tree laws, once you have a permit from the council or if the tree is below council regulation size, the tree is covered under Victoria property law. 

This law means that you are within your rights to prune or cut anything that overhangs your boundary line, as long as you do not cause irreversible damage to the tree. You do not need your neighbour’s permission to do this, however, we recommend that you engage them along the way, in true neighbourly spirit. For more detailed information regarding tree pruning and removal on neighbouring trees click here. 


CLICK HERE to download the City of Monash Tree Removal Permit Application form.


Permit applications and dealing with council can be a confusing and time consuming process. If you have any queries related to paperwork need a hand with the paperwork or would prefer that somebody handles the permit process on your behalf, we would be happy to do so. We have years of experience dealing with Monash City Council and their arborist department, fill in your details below and we will handle the process for you.

If you need tree pruning, tree removal, or an arborist report for your Monash property, fill in your details below or Call us on 0478 896 636 for a fast and free quote.

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